Sweet Potato Greens

sweet potato greensIt’s funny how informative Facebook can be. Rather than simply a bastion of bad jokes and silly videos, it can serve as a wonderful clearinghouse for information, some of it very frugal and helpful. While looking through my stream one day, I saw a post regarding the fact that sweet potato greens are edible. As a child of the 1970’s and 1980’s, I remembered growing a sweet potato in a jar, something that so many of our generation most likely remember as well. If a child could do it, then why couldn’t we grow a potato now for easy, cheap greens? It turns out, we could.

My husband and I purchased an organic sweet potato at a local health food store. We simply stuck some plastic forks in the sides of the potato to suspend it in the jar, filled the jar with water, and then placed it in a sunny window. Regularly adding water to the jar, we eventually had a potato providing us with lots of free greens. With the cost of fresh food continually rising, you can’t beat that!potatoes

When the sweet potato was spent and shriveled, we decided to plant the potato outside in our garden. Over the summer, we enjoyed the beautiful blossoms from the potato plant that grew in the warmth of the sun. And then, to our surprise, we dug up a new crop of potatoes from that first potato that we purchased several months ago.  That one potato provided us with both greens and a second generation of potatoes.

Maybe your family would enjoy this as a project as well. It is certainly a way to teach frugal living along with gardening. Too, it is so easy that even a child could do it!

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