Beginning Our Hydroponics Journey

aerogardenWell, I suppose my last post was somewhat prophetic. I lapsed into some pretty deep homemaking doldrums, only working and watching old movies. Yes siree, I was a slacker.

Thinking about my advice from my previous post, though, I knew I had to do something different. Considering the cost of fresh veggies nowadays, I wanted to try growing our own food indoors year round. And with cats–especially one who loves to munch on greenery–along with a real lack of sunny windows, I decided to jump start our hydroponics journey with an Aerogarden.

I’ve actually been looking at them for quite awhile but hadn’t ever taken that step of purchasing one. With the new LED versions, I couldn’t resist. It seemed like a low stress way to growing food, even if it would be kind of expensive.

Lewis and Aerogarden

Lewis putting together the Aerogarden

Putting the actual Aerogarden together wasn’t that difficult. Within about 30 minutes, we had assembled it and had everything planted. It’s all automatic, and so we feel that we’ve finally reached the space age, despite the lack of Jetsons-type conveniences.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted as our little plants grow. It’s a small step for gardening in general, but a big step for our household. Wish us good eating!

Katniss found her favorite part of hydroponics!

Katniss found her favorite part of hydroponics!

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