Endings and New Beginnings

As this was originally a family-oriented blog, I no longer feel comfortable continuing to pursue this topic.

As you may have read on my other blog, I am getting a divorce. Coming on the heels of my cancer treatment, it has been quite a blow.

A big, big thank you to those who have read my posts and supported me over the years. Good luck in your crunchy and frugal lifestyle.

Favorite Places for Discounted or Free e-Books

freeordiscountedebooksPerhaps one of my greatest weaknesses is books, and having an electronic reading device–or even a computer–certainly doesn’t help. Growing up, we had to go to the library or a small, local bookstore to find our reading material. Even if we had both in our neck of town, the choices were always limited. Now, the entire world is at the tips of our fingers. And when it comes to books, I lose all ability to delay my satisfaction for another time. Pressing that button to purchase books is so easy that I often spend more money in a month than I would care to admit. ┬áThat is why I appreciate those websites and bloggers that search for e-books that are free or possibly highly discounted. I can indulge my love of reading without breaking the bank.

First, a confession: I am a Kindle person, and so much of this information will be specifically Kindle-oriented. However, I did find this discussion that may help Nook owners who want to partake of the deals without buying a Kindle for themselves.

One obvious way to find great books for cheap is to subscribe to Kindle’s “Daily Deals” email. While it used to include only one deal per day, it now offers at least four in varying genres and reading levels. For a science fiction person like myself, I was ecstatic when they made that change.

Below you will find the sites that I follow on Facebook, but I am sure that there are many more, especially those that cater to niche markets or genres that aren’t my favorites.

Another source for book deals is through blogs that you follow. Some bloggers will post free or bargain books on their Facebook pages. For example, one blog that I follow, The Coconut Mama, posts books that fit in with the subject for the blog. I have downloaded several and found them quite useful. Give your favorite bloggers some love by liking their Facebook pages, and you might be surprised at what you find!

Finding frugal entertainment might take a bit more work, but it’s worth the effort. I have found some great deals on cheap or free books, but even better, I have discovered authors that I might not have bothered to read otherwise. Although some books have been very poor quality, I have been pleasantly surprised at the many talented authors who offer their works online. This makes my indulgence that much more gratifying.

Reading is perhaps one of the best and simplest forms of entertainment. Although many do not enjoy reading novels, there are plenty of informational e-Books available that will provide you with the knowledge necessary for your frugal lifestyle. or perhaps simply give you an expanded understanding of a topic that you find interesting. By taking advantage of these resources, you can learn from others and share this knowledge with your family and friends. While our grandmothers may have not understood our new reading devices, they would certainly appreciate applying our knowledge in a practical way to improve the lives of our family and community.