Endings and New Beginnings

As this was originally a family-oriented blog, I no longer feel comfortable continuing to pursue this topic.

As you may have read on my other blog, I am getting a divorce. Coming on the heels of my cancer treatment, it has been quite a blow.

A big, big thank you to those who have read my posts and supported me over the years. Good luck in your crunchy and frugal lifestyle.

A Tale of Two Cookies

oatmealscotchiesMy husband and I are pretty much opposites in every area. Whether it is the choice of favorite science fiction show—Star Trek is the best!–or our favorite pastime, we seem to have differing opinions on most anything. Perhaps opposites do attract, and if so, we seem to be the confirmation of this saying. Our love has sustained us throughout almost ten years of marriage. Our personalities do make it difficult, though, when it comes to eating cookies.

Take, for example, the recipe for my latest cooking adventure, Oatmeal Scotchies. I found that our oven required a greater cooking time than that listed in the recipe. And the result? The cookies spread out and were quite chewy, with almost a sugar glaze on the bottom of the cookie. When I did my initial taste test, I feared that the entire batch was a loss. My husband, though, found them extremely tasty, stating that they were “perfect.”

As a contrast, my favorite cookie is this recipe for sour cream cookies. I suppose that the label, “Old-Fashioned,” would be a hint that this would be my idea of a “perfect” cookie. Light and fluffy with a hint of sweetness, this cookie is soft and cake-y. It is wonderful with coffee or tea, and it is certainly the antithesis of the oatmeal scotchies and their chewy texture.

So what are we to do? In order to maintain my own girlish figure, I tend to lean toward making those desserts preferred by my husband. The coconut oil chocolates satisfy my need for sweetness while still staying within the bounds of my fairly loose diet. However, I may make my favorite cookies every now and then. “Everything in moderation” is my personal motto when it comes to eating and other activities. And that includes the best cookies around, my husband’s opinion notwithstanding.


On Sausage Pinwheels and Being a Wife, or The Further Adventures of Inadequate Irene

cheesesausagepinwheelsI’ll admit that I have not always been too concerned about traditional wifely matters, such as the home, cooking, and crafts. I was a career woman intent on doing career things, and that often meant that my husband fared for himself in the mornings. While my grandfather almost always enjoyed a warm breakfast, my husband has all too often consoled himself with cold cereal.

Lately, I have been trying to change that. Choosing breakfasts that can be made the night before, I have found a great way to enjoy that morning cup of coffee while still making sure that my family has a hot breakfast waiting for them when they wake up. Doing all the work the night before lets me just stick the dish in the oven and get to that most important part of waking up, that first cup of coffee.

Starting with the Overnight French Toast, I realized the wisdom of this plan, at least for now. Perhaps with further changes to our lifestyle, I could do something a bit more elaborate, but for now, this will do. This morning, my husband awoke to the savory smells of sausage mixed with the aroma of coffee brewing. Certainly better than a bowl of cold Wheaties.

True, Sausage Pinwheels is a simple recipe, but it was easy to prepare the night before. I spread the dough with sausage and cheese, rolling it up like a log afterwards. That was then wrapped in wax paper and foil; it chilled overnight in the fridge. This morning, all I had to do was unwrap everything, cut the log into pinwheels, and bake them on a cookie sheet. A matter of just minutes, but it meant a lot to my husband.

Reading posts online from wives who make their own cream cheese to be spread on their homemade bagels, I definitely feel the rise of Inadequate Irene. I wonder if their husbands are happier, if they feel more satisfied in their relationships. Silly, I know. But these are the adventures of Inadequate Irene, whose observations are not bound by reality.

Maybe I’ll never be Susie Homemaker crafting ridiculously beautiful cakes and pies, but even sausage pinwheels can be done with love. And for my husband, a hot, savory breakfast is certainly a good start.