No Bake Pumpkin Cookies

No Bake Pumpkin CookiesEverrytthinggg’s commiiinnnggg upppp pumpppkinnn….

Ok, so that’s not quite how the famous song goes, but it’s certainly appropriate for the beginning of fall. Already pumpkin spice fever has taken hold, especially for those of us who absolutely love the season.

While cooking dinner tonight, I decided to find an easy (and healthy) recipe that might satisfy that craving for autumn-y goodness. With a bit of searching, I ran across this one for No Bake Pumpkin Cookies. No bake and healthy? I’m there!

As I didn’t have coconut, I substituted rolled oats for that ingredient. I also used a combination of peanut butter and almond butter just to use up the last little bit of each in their jars. The only other change I made was to simply throw the mix in a dish and flatten it out to be cut later into squares. Much quicker and easier than forming separate cookies. And for those of us who are a bit lazy, shortcuts are everything.

The result? A lightly sweet cookie with plenty of flavor. I can’t wait to munch on these while drinking a big cup of coffee. Now, if only we had some pumpkin spice coffee…

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Pumpkin Walnut Drop Scones

Pumpkin Walnut Drop SconesIf you’ve been looking through some of my posts, you might think my selection of recipes is a bit eclectic. Ranging from super-sweet treats to nutritious paleo delights, they can surely seem strange.

Why do I do it? It’s easy. Family.

Sure, some of the recipes are enjoyed by all, but some are just for me. I used to try to force my family to eat healthy, but it only led to fights and upset feelings. So now I try to find a balance between healthy and delicious, with some treats that only I enjoy. I figure that they can make the decision to eat healthier for themselves.

And, to be honest, I like making things that are sticky-good.

But for me, I make nutritious things that I can love. These scones certainly fit that bill.  They fulfilled all my autumnal wishes for flavor and still were healthy.

Plus they also utilized one ingredient that I had on hand from a failed project: xylitol. It had been hanging around my cupboards feeling forlorn after its rejection. It was good to give it a purpose.

These scones were super easy to make. The only problem I encountered was in sifting the dry ingredients; some of the xylitol grains wouldn’t make it through the sifter. Other than that, mixing and baking were a breeze.

And the taste? Good! They were soft in texture with a subtle flavor. Definitely a must for autumn mornings.

Pumpkin Pie Reeses

pumpkinpiereesesWith just a tad of pumpkin left in a can, I needed just the right recipe to use it. Luckily I had found the recipe for Pumpkin Pie Reeses on Pinterest. It seemed like the perfect thing to make on a Sunday afternoon—using up the last of my pumpkin with a bit of sweetness for my honey. Well, that was the plan, at least.

My husband, who has enjoyed the coconut chocolates that I have made in the past, thought that these candies tasted “off.” He—the man who normally likes dark chocolate, even up to 80% cacao—scrunched up his nose and hesitated to respond when I asked how he liked them. I knew he didn’t want to hurt my feelings, and so he just wouldn’t give me an opinion other than the initial impression.

I tasted them and found them to taste like dark chocolate—not my favorite, but still fine. My assumption is that perhaps they weren’t sweet enough, or maybe just not the right combination of flavors for him. They may grow on him with time, but I always like to see a happy hubby when he’s eating my sweets.

Here are some possible suggestions if you make this recipe:

  • Use real chocolate instead of making the coconut chocolate for these goodies.
  • Add more sweetener to the chocolate and the filling.
  • Use this recipe for the coconut chocolates instead.

All in all, I had hoped that he would love this dessert, but it doesn’t seem like that will be the case. There will be more desserts, though, and always another chance to make him a happy hubby.


Cookie Wars: Autumn Edition

cookiewarsautumnThere is a war going on in my household. It is a cookie war. Yes, dear friends, I have learned an important lesson this week, one that might prove instructional for others. When your family members express their desire to become healthier, take this with a grain of salt when choosing recipes to make. Their desire for a healthy lifestyle may be less strong than the pull of their sweet tooth, thus producing a cookie war, one that can potentially cause dissension within the ranks—and lots of healthy cookies for you to eat.

pumpkinspicebreakfastcookiesIn an effort to keep breakfast a bit simple and healthy, I decided to make Pumpkin Spice Breakfast Cookies. This recipe not only utilized ingredients already stocked in our pantry, but it also featured the key ingredient for fall, pumpkin. And who doesn’t like pumpkin around this time of year? Too, the recipe seemed very healthy and packed full of nutrition.

When looking at the recipe and the use of whole wheat flour, I decided to take a chance that my freshly ground soft white wheat could be used in the batter. Rather than go with my usual half and half rule in regard to using whole wheat flour, I used a whole cup. I excitedly mixed these babies up and cooked them to perfection. The texture was soft and very nice; the sweetness was light and not overpowering. The smell of pumpkin and spices in our kitchen was heavenly. I personally couldn’t wait for coffee and cookies the next morning!

The reaction among my family members was less than enthusiastic, however. My husband remarked that they could have used more sugar, and his daughter frowned as she ate her breakfast. I admit that I was perturbed. I had found a cookie that could be eaten for breakfast, and they didn’t approve. Well, I decided I would show them who could bake up something sweet.

instantoatmealpacketcookiesSome time in the not so distant past, my husband decided that he would buy a couple of boxes of instant oatmeal packets so that we could have an easy breakfast. A few of these packets were used, but most languished in the box, forgotten like an old rag. Well, I wanted to remedy that situation. Enter the Instant Oatmeal Packet Cookies. These cookies seemed like a solution to all my problems in the cookie realm. They used up some old ingredients and provided my family with a super sweet cookie.

Mixing up the batter, I realized that it was a bit dry, and so I would recommend possibly adding a bit more milk if you find this to be the case in your home. However, the cookies themselves had a great texture and were sweet as could be. I couldn’t leave it at that, though. I whipped up a batch of Maple Cinnamon Glaze just to add a final punch to the cookies. And yes, that definitely took them over the top in the sweet department and was a perfect addition to the dessert.

The final verdict? If you have a family like mine, you might want to begin healthy cooking a bit more slowly. A cookie battle is never pretty. We all know who the winner will be—the glazed beauty with the sweet goodness. I’ll keep eating my pumpkin cookies, though, and tuck away this learning experience for future examination. For husbands and kids, sweet is everything when it comes to cookies.


Emergency Baking: 5 Minute Pumpkin Cinnamon Crescent Rolls

emergencybakingMy life seems to be a bit of a farce lately. Coming home from an early morning shopping trip, I heard what sounded like a glass hitting against some other object. As I don’t have any glass objects in my car, I thought it quite strange but continued for home. When my husband and I opened the trunk of my car, we found that one of the cans of crescent rolls had burst open, with at least half of the dough all over the trunk. Not quite what I expected for what should have been an easy shopping trip.

Stubborn and frugal, I was determined to make something out of that remaining dough. Quickly searching for an appropriate recipe, I found 5 Minute Pumpkin Cinnamon Crescent Rolls. Recently I had seen recipes similar to this one in my Facebook stream, but I couldn’t find them in the rush of taking care of this baking emergency. And when you’ve got a baking emergency, you must get things taken care of.

I found that the remaining dough wasn’t in very good shape, and so I floured a board and worked it into shape. Halving the recipe, I was able to use the dough and make some relatively yummy rolls for a late breakfast. Perhaps my life may be a comedy of errors lately, but the ending was positive. And that’s what matters, right?